Sound Exploration: Audition

Using Audition

Why use Audition?

Adobe Audition is a powerful audio post-production and sound editing application with two modes you can easily switch between: You can work on audio files or produce advanced multitrack sessions. Audition also has round-trip editing integration with Adobe Premiere Pro.

This allows me to compose the sample sound clips from (referenced below) with the audio from the Unity Interview sequences.

Documentary Film Sound Design

“Second Nature” A Documentary Film About Janne Saario

“Second Nature” A Documentary Film About Janne Saario from ELEMENT SKATEBOARDS on Vimeo.

Second Nature is a 20-minute documentary on Element team rider and budding landscape architect, Janne Saario of Finland. The short film allows a glimpse of Saario’s thoughts and dreams, which float between design, art and skateboarding. Though it also reveals the important concurrence of post-industrial areas, sustainable concepts and natural environments, and unfolds the demanding obligation, towards today’s generation and those to come, to create positive and inspiring, local communities.

In terms of its’ sound design, the melodies that are present in the intro and outro of the film set the pacing and tone for the film. The audience gets a sense from the intro that the process of making the skate park, is going to be an interesting and creative one.

The them sound from the introduction fades to focus on the conversations that are taking place between Janne and his colleges. As we are taken to into the final third of the action, the music changes pace to a skate-rock anthem, showing the culture of people who this skate park is for.

It ends as it begins with the same music, where the audience is then guided towards the end of the film in its conclusion.

Vrse Works: Take Flight


The New York Times celebrates this year’s best actors for their annual Great Performers issue with the Virtual Reality experience “Take Flight.” Inspired by some of the most iconic airborne moments in cinematic history, The New York Times offers a spellbinding Virtual Reality feast with powerful performances from Melissa McCarthy, Michael Fassbender, Lily Tomlin, Kristen Wiig, Jacob Tremblay, Jason Mitchell, Rooney Mara, Mya Taylor, Benicio del Toro & Charlize Theron.

The sound scape in this clip is wonderful. It elevates the viewer by matching the visuals, where the viewer is advanced towards the clouds. What was the bustling city is now a cloud of light and distant hustling noise, as the viewer has ascended into the sky where they are joined by dreamlike figures.

Though there is little action or dialogue in this stage of the VR film, the music again creates the pacing and tone. I got goose bumps watching this film. The subtlety of the audio effects, such as the bike bell and glass breaking, paired with the rhythmic melody of the string piece lead to a dreamlike effect that was wholly captivating.


Application and Composition

By using audio from the Unity Interview Sequences I was able to adjust the audio clips to the appropriate levels.

When it came to layering the sample audio together with the interview audio, I wanted to create a sound that would amplify the content of the interview but not distract from it. What worked well for “Take Flight”, was that the music was at the focus of the experience. For our project, I think that it is more suitable to have a softer melody in the background that also brings good pacing and sets the tone of the pace.

We want the music to be up lifting and give a feeling of elevation, yet also bring the audience through the story without being too whimsical. It is important that the audio also tells the story, by adding sound effects from the animated objects around the interview to really bring it to life and feel like it takes you into a new world. However, I found some of the sound effects to be clunky and distracting in while composing the audio track with the animatic.

However, this may feel very different while in the VR space as seen in the below video. We are using ReaslSpace 3D Audio to place the audio in Unity. Therefore, what might be clunky in the track, might feel better in the space.




Draft Audio for Interview Sequence

This process involved constant testing and iteration inside Audition to see what fits and feels like a natural progression.

  1. First Stage: Found an interesting concept for the first half
  2. Second Stage: Adjust levels and figuring out the second half
  3. Third Stage: Whole composition with adjustments needed






Adobe Audition:

Vrse works:

Second Nature Documentary:

RealSpace3D Audio:



Sound Clip References

All sounds are sourced from at the following web addresses:

Digging Sounds:

Piano Drone:


Air FX:


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